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Description:   A traffic simulation (ATS) is a microscopic traffic simulation package developed using Visual C++. Microscopic traffic simulationDay-to-day travelGipps modelCellular AutomataWhole network or single linkTraffic flow analysis tool (N-curve, trajectory, MFD, etc)Primary multi-agentTraffic

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Linux Firewall Traffic Counter The firewall traffic counter are scripts which are parsing iptables output and writing it to a log file. A PHP script displays grahpical on-the-fly statistics about traffic (summary,email and gameserver traffic). Monthly, daily reporting supported.

MCS-libre Monte-Carlo Simulation Toolkit Free C++ toolkit to facilitate Monte-Carlo simulation. This is a library covered under the LGPL. "MCS-libre" stands for "Monte Carlo Simulation - libre". Documentation and examples are provided.

Oracle ASH Simulation Oracle Active Session History is available from 10g onwards but it require a additional license and it is available for Enterprise Edition only. This project is a simulation of ASH based on X$ tables and client - system architecture

TCP Traffic Analyzer Yconalyzer is a low-overhead pcap utility that provides a bird's eye view of traffic on a particular TCP port, displaying a distribution of duration, volume and throughput over all connections while being able to narrow down to a connection as well. Captures (selected) packets on ...

Traff - Traffic Accounting Program Traff sniffs you network interfaces and accounts the traffic on a IP basis. The configuration is very flexible allowing you to create different/multiple accounting rules. The collected data is stored using Mysql, PgSQL, Syslog or files.

Traffic Monitor for LAN Traffic Monitor for LAN is a tool for monitoring and limiting network traffics generated by every user in LAN. Run it on the gateway PC. Monitor everyone's network traffic in LANWeb UI of network traffic usage (total and per user)Ban users who exceeded traffic limitSupport ...

1d2d collision simulation This simulation is part of my - I'm not quite sure about the name but let's call it - dissertation.

A Network Analyzer and Traffic Logger netrafd is a C written (ncurses) linux program, allowing to monitor all network traffic routed through the machine it is installed on. Flexible and easy configuration of logging options, statistics, periodical summaries.

Xplico IP Traffic Decoder The goal of Xplico is to extract the applications data from an Internet traffic capture. For example, from a pcap file Xplico extracts each email (POP, IMAP, and SMTP protocols), all HTTP contents, each VoIP call (SIP), and so on. NFAT

Automated Simulation Rig (ASR) ASR is a project designed for automatically running RoboCup servers and clients. This allows multiple simulation runs to be performed without human oversight. Automated RefereeSecure CommunicationEmail AlertsFull LoggingDistributed ComputingMultiple Games Per HostRun Genetic AlgorithmsEasy To Use APICommand Line Interface

A Toddler Game A game for Toddlers (ages 1-4) that teaches letter and number sounds and has other basic educational items. This is written in C# using SDL. It is being written on Linux, but should run on anything that has Mono (or .NET) and SDL.

A Tribute:Dr. House MD "Pain Management" A silly game loosly based off the Tv series House. This is an unfinished work thusfar but is a work in progress. Greg House VicodenNeed ! say more?

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